How do you make a Greek mask?


To make Greek mask, you'll need the support of a partner. Decide the facial expression, you want the mask to have. First take your drawing to the construction paper and use crayons to make the different features of it. Cut parallel slits at the chin, and makes holes for the eyes and nose.
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1. Choose a partner to help make the mask. Hold one piece of construction paper up against the partner's face. Mark the position of the nose, mouth, eyes and chin. Have the paper
Masks in ancient Greek theater were often made of wood, cloth, leather, or clay. They were decorated according to the character, and they had small holes where the actor's pupil would
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How to Make Greek Masks
The role of Greek masks in theater is rooted in practicality: they helped the actors showcase a variety of emotions, they allowed for quick costume changes when actors had to play a variety of characters; and, since women were not allowed to act, they... More »
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