How to Make Harry Buffalo?


To make the drink Harry Buffalo mix together: 2 Cans of fruit punch, 1/5 vodka, 1/5 gin, 1/5 of tequila, 1/5 bourbon, and 2 cups of fruit. Add ice and enjoy! For more information look here: How to Make a Harry Buffalo;
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When everyone brings alchohal to a party and it is all mixed in the bath tub. People have created a new version call jungle juice. The original had no fruit in it.
Harry Buffalo is a type of drink that involves fruit, kool-aid, and strong
1/5 part gin, 1/5 part 151 proof rum, 1/5 part Jose Cuervo Especial gold tequila, 1/5 part Absolut vodka, 1/5 part Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey, more?
never heard of it korkie
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