How can you make your headphones louder?


Many headphones have a volume adjuster on the cord to increase or decrease the sound. To make it louder usually a person just needs to push the volume up button or if it is a slider push it up. If the sound quality still lacks it may be time for a new and better set of headphones.
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1. Put on your headphones. Make sure the headset is plugged and, if necessary, turned on. If your headphones have a volume control, adjust it to increase the sound. 2. Click the &
You can either buy a new pair and look at the specifications and make sure their sensitivity is around 110 db, but the higher the better, or you can buy a headphone amplification
If a pair of headphones is not loud enough for you, use an external device to
Turn up the volume, or buy a headphone amp such as those made by FiiO:
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How to Make Headphones Louder
If a pair of headphones is not loud enough for your listening needs, use an external device to further amplify the original headphone signal. A quality headphone amplifier is the best solution for making headphones louder. Headphone amplifiers provide a... More »
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