How to Make Homemade Dog Collars?


You can make homemade dog collars by altering a belt. You can then customize it to be personal for your dog. You can use glitter, gems and buttons to decorate it.
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1. Cut a small piece of Velcro, approximately 1/2-inch by 1/2-inch. Glue the Velcro pieces onto the ends of the flat rope. Allow the glue to dry before proceeding. 2. Blend the citronella
1. Unhook the pinch collar via the links. The links should push inward toward one another, allowing it to come unhooked. 2. Place the collar, prong side down, around the dog's neck.
1. Run your dog's regular collar through the slits in the smaller end of the E collar, if the collar has slits. 2. Tell your dog to sit. 3. Slip the collar over the dog's head. If
1. Determine your dog's neck size by measuring him with a cloth measuring tape and adding eight inches to this total. Cut your nylon webbing to match your measurement. 2. Insert one
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