How to Make Homemade Dreadlocks?


To make dreadlocks you can either braid the hair, or back comb it and then twist it. You keep it in place with wax. The back combing way doesn't always work for all kinds of hair, so you might have to braid it. For more detailed information:
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Things You'll Need. Dread shampoo. Small hair rubber bands. Dread comb. Dread wax. Dreadlock sculpting hook. Instructions. Wash your hair with dreadlock shampoo, starting two weeks
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To make homemade dreadlocks, start with clean, dry hair. Twist a section of hair tightly. Back comb (tease) the section. Add a bit of beeswax or pomade, and re-twist. Secure with a hair band. For more information look here:;
If you're starting with very short hair, the best method for you would be brush twisting. You can use a soft brush to rub clockwise on the hair. As you do this, your hair will make little balls. You can take each of these balls individually and twist them into short locks using a thick wax made for locking. Maintain your locks as they grow by washing, twisting, and waxing. You can find more information at
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