How to Make Homemade Dynamite?


To make homemade dynamite, take the nitro-glycerine agents and mix together in order to make it safe for use. Mount outside of the apparatus frame to prevent contact with the explosive mixture and inspect the system thoroughly to insure correct mixing, grading, packaging and inventory control.
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1. Add cake of fresh yeast to 1/2 cup of warm water. Stir until dissolved. Add to 1 gallon of water in clean wide-mouth stone crock. 2. Grind raisins to a fine consistency. Grind
To make dynamite: first you need nitroglycerin and something absorbent. Contain the
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1. Cut an 18 inch length of 14-inch diameter flexible, plastic tube. 2. Form this into a circle of approximately 3 inches diameter, at its midpoint. Bind the circle into shape with
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