How to Make Homemade Dynamite?


To make homemade dynamite, take the nitro-glycerine agents and mix together in order to make it safe for use. Mount outside of the apparatus frame to prevent contact with the explosive mixture and inspect the system thoroughly to insure correct mixing, grading, packaging and inventory control.
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Making homemade acid is not only dangerous, it is very illegal. If you are thinking of making drugs at home, reconsider and seek help. There is no high worth jail time. For more information
1. Collect four blocks of sand. 2. Collect four blocks of sulfur. 3. Place four blocks of sand and four blocks of sulfur into your crafting table. This creates dynamite. 4. Drag the
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1. Take the copper wire and wrap it around the nail. Make sure the copper wire is relatively thin and that the wraps do not overlap, but are as numerous as possible. Also, leave around
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