How to Make Homemade Guns?


There are many different ways to make homemade guns. You can use pvc pipe to make a marshmallow gun, or mechanical pencil to make a BB gun. Wad up some paper and put it in the end of a straw and you have a paper gun!
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1. Disassemble the camera. Be sure not to break any part of the outside or inside of the camera. Remove the battery to avoid getting shocked. 2. Look for the small light bulb. Carefully
are you serious? you're a little nuts, huh? when you get done look down the barrel and make sure the bullet comes out the right way.
Probably would not be a great idea, it's illegal, BUT you can make one out of clay or
1. Put on your gloves, preferably latex, and get a 6mm plastic BB and a . 177 caliber pellet gun pellet plus some super glue. Place a drop of super glue inside the cup of the pellet
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you would have to purchase the right materials to make this do able. Or you could make is simple and get a rubber band and get some hard paper and start slinging ...
Get a needle which you don't share with anyone and look for triple antibiotic cream then prepare your needle for the work by checking the baterries of the motor ...
In order to make homemade blow guns and airguns, you need to first decide on what you are going to use for a muzzle. Next, you need to decide on a propulsion mechanism ...
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