How to Make Homemade Scary Costumes?


You can make homemade scary costumes, by applying red dye to your clothing. The red dye can be made to look as if your clothing is bloody. You can also apply makeup to your clothing.
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You can easily make homemade scary costumes using a little imagination and common items found around your house. A very easy costume is a mummy made from first aid gauze and torn old bedsheets wrapped around the body and arms. Be sure to leave plenty of space for eye holes and a nose so you can see and breathe properly; safety first! You can find more information here:
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Making homemade Halloween costumes is not all that difficult. The most easiest homemade costume is a Ghost. To perfect the ghost costume, find a nice white sheet, cut out two eye
Wrap yourself in white bandages (rolls of gauze) Use
be a zombie or a dead person.
1. Tease a long white Halloween wig with a comb and spray it with a lot of hair spray. Glue fake spider webs, plastic spiders and other bugs onto the wig. Allow the wig to dry. 2.
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There are lots of ways to make scary costumes. The first thing you must do is decide how scary you want your costume to be, for example if you want to be a monster ...
It is very easy to make a scary costume. You can wear a frizzed out wig, fangs, and dark face make up. You can make or buy fake blood to use on your hands, face, ...
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