How to Make Hydrochloric Acid?


Hydrochloric acid can be made by mixing water with Hydrogen Chloride. It can also be made by mixing salt with Sulfuric acid. Humans and animals make gastric acid, naturally, in their stomach.
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1. Dilute the hydrochloric acid to one-quarter strength by filling an 8-ounce glass measuring cup with 3 ounces of water, then, while working in a well-ventilated area, adding concentrated
well, the easy way of getting it is to ask a science teacher to order it for you.even if your out of school you can go to a univerity and ask a professor to order it! It only cost
Firstly ANY method of making hydrochloric acid is hazardous because of materials needed and/or product! However if it is senior level, you should be sufficiently aware to deal with
how to make hydrochloric acid: How to Make Simulated Stomach AcidStep 1Determine how much stomach acid
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