How to Make Hydrochloric Acid?


Hydrochloric acid can be made by mixing water with Hydrogen Chloride. It can also be made by mixing salt with Sulfuric acid. Humans and animals make gastric acid, naturally, in their stomach.
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Warning: This experiment releases toxic hydrogen chloride gas. This experiment must be done in a fumehood or outside. The containers must be glass to withstand the acid. Chemicals
1. Write down the concentration of your starting HCl stock solution. Typically the concentration is expressed in % w/w, i.e. the number of grams of hydrogen chloride in 100 grams
All you have to do is to go to a hardware store and look / ask for "muriatic acid" This is exactly hydrochloric acid. Otherwise, the most simple synthesis of hydrochloric
how to make hydrochloric acid: How to Make Simulated Stomach AcidStep 1Determine how much stomach acid
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