How Long Does It Take to Make Jello Shots?


Mix 6 ounces of Jello mix and 16 ounces boiling water. Add 6 ounces ice water and 10 ounces of vodka. Pour into shot glasses and chill.
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Want to know how to make Jello shots? They aren't just for college students and make for a playful party novelty, especially for summertime gatherings. The traditional Jello shot
1. Gather the ingredients: package of Jello of any flavor, vodka, and water. 16 oz. of boiling water, 6 oz. of cold water, of Vodka and a ladle. 2. Put 16 oz. of water into a pot
1 Gather your ingredients. To make approximately 32 1-ounce (30 ml) shots, all you'll need is: 1 6-oz. package of Jello (170 grams) Approximately 3 cups of water Approximately 1 cup
Add boiling water to the pack of Jello first, then 3/4 cup cold alcohol and 1/4 cup cold water. Mix and set in small cups, preferably the kind that are wax-coated (the kind they use
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To make jello shots, make jello as normal, but mix in vodka as well, then let it sit for a while.
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