How Long Does It Take to Make Jello Shots?


Mix 6 ounces of Jello mix and 16 ounces boiling water. Add 6 ounces ice water and 10 ounces of vodka. Pour into shot glasses and chill.
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Shoot for Success. Use high-quality liquor to improve the taste of your jello shots. Don't use pineapple juice as the nonalcoholic liquid because it contains an enzyme that interferes
1 Combine the eggnog and the gelatin in a medium saucepan. Allow the gelatin to bloom for 1 to 2 minutes. Ad 2 Place the saucepan over low heat, stirring the gelatin mixture with
Jello shots are popular drinks at frat parties and summer bar-b-ques. These drinks won't require much clean up and are easy to make. Consider adding some creativity and youthful fun
6 ozs Jello, 16 ozs boiling water, 6 ozs cold water, 10 ozs Vodka. Dissolve jello mix in boiling water & add the cold water & alcohol. Pour into cups.
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To make jello shots, make jello as normal, but mix in vodka as well, then let it sit for a while.
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