How do you make laminate floors shine?


Cleaning with a solution containing rubbing alcohol and white vinegar and buffing with a microfiber cloth is the best way to clean a laminate floor and make it shine. It is best to avoid sweeping the floor or using large amounts of water on it.

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1. Sweep the room thoroughly, removing any surface dirt and debris. Pay special attention to corners and entrances, where dust and dirt tend to accumulate. 2. Use furniture coasters
It's best not to use any waxes or other products usually associated with real wood floors. Laminate flooring has a wear layer that is meant to protect it from the build-up of grime.
If your laminate didn't shine out of the box, nothing will really shine it. A clean floor shines more then a dirty one. Use a good laminate cleaner, like Pergo's.
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How to Make Laminate Floors Shine
Are your laminate floors looking a little dull or do you just want to keep your new floor shiny and looking new forever? There are some great ways to get and keep your laminate floors shiny. Read on to learn how to make laminate floors shine.... More »
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The process for returning the shine to laminate floors varies based on the cause. In some cases there is simply a filmy buildup left behind from cleaning agent ...
Cleaning laminate floors involves dusting with dry mop or sweeping lightly with broom. Water should never be poured on a laminate floor or any cleansers poured ...
Laminate flooring can acquire scratches from a dog or other pet even when you take excellent care of the floor. When this happens, you can easily obtain a laminate ...
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