How to Make Lariat Rope Baskets?


To make lariat rope baskets, you will need 6 foot lariat rope, a soldering iron and a metal straight edge. Spiral rope on a table until you have the size of the bottom you want. Melt the edges of the rope together. Spiral rope around the base, and melt these layers together and attach to the base. When you reach the top of the basket, use the metal straight edge and a utility knife and fuse the diagonal to the top with the soldering iron.
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1. Create a loop in the rope. The shorter end should be pointing to the right and underneath the longer end. 2. Pull the shorter end through the loop and back out again, keeping it
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How to Make Lariat Rope Baskets
Magically transform a length of rope into a basket with just a few easy-to-find items. Making a lariat rope basket is simple to do with a length of rope and a soldering iron as the heat source. Creating your own lariat basket will save you money and it... More »
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