How to Make Lead Fishing Sinkers?


In making lead fishing sinkers, one would need Do-it molds, safety glasses, particle mask, leather gloves, melting pot and lead. For a set of detailed instructions, go to .
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1. Pour scrap lead into a melting pot or crucible. Heat the pot or crucible slowly to 615 degrees Fahrenheit. Lead will start to melt at 612 degrees Fahrenheit. 2. Stir the lead around
It's heavy and cheap. It's also soft enough that you can pinch it around the line easily. When I was a kid, you got split-shot sinkers and attached them to the line by putting the
Here's what you need to learn how to make a fish pinata. A fish pinata is a fun variation on the standard pinata. It's not difficult to make a fish pinata and it is a shape which
Shotgun pellets may be used. They don't cost much at a gun shop. You might want to read this first:… Lead may soon be banned for use
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