How do you make LED signs?


To make lead signs you will need to draw your final design onto the poster board. Measure the length of each line on your design. Poke a hole every fourth inch along this mark with scissors. Put LED via this hole from the rearmost of the poster board. Use the LED adder in the references section to calculate how you should wire your LED sign board. Solder the LEDs, resistors and 9-volt battery together, Turn on your LED sign board by connecting a battery. Bind the LEDs to the poster board with glue and tape the nine volt battery to the posterior of the sign.
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1. Draw or trace your final design onto poster board. For added effect in the dark, black poster board or card stock can be used. 2. Measure the length of each line on your design
1. Know your battery. Your disc-shaped battery has a positive side and a negative side. The negative side has less surface area than the positive side. The positive side is larger
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