How to Make Life Size Palm Trees?


Makimg palm trees are really easy and will save you money. You will need to gather several things before you beigin. The main thing is a long tube. Tips on how to make a palm tree.
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Things You'll Need. 10 ounces fondant. 1 tsp. gum paste. Green food coloring. 1 cup flour. Rolling pin. Leaf cookie cutter. Corn starch. 1 cup white royal icing. Wax paper. Pretzel
I don't think you can do it in Wingdings, but in Webdings (which you should have since you have Wingdings) the palm tree is a Capital letter J. Hope that helps.
Thanks for asking ChaCha. Palm tree cutters usually are paid by the...
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A life size palm tree can be made with cardboard as the tree trunk and green construction paper leaves individually cut out. Add markings for leaves with a dark green markers.
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