How to Make Life Size Palm Trees?


Makimg palm trees are really easy and will save you money. You will need to gather several things before you beigin. The main thing is a long tube. Tips on how to make a palm tree.
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1. Place a plastic palm tree onto a flat surface, and cut a vertical slice halfway up and completely through the trunk of the tree using a pen knife. 2. Pull the trunk apart slightly
1. Create a tube from the chicken wire for the dog's body, and fold the ends of the wire to secure the tube. 2. Add four smaller tubes for the legs, bending the wire edges to secure
1. Spread newspaper over a table to keep it clean. 2. Place the plastic craft pumpkin on the table so that it is flat-side down and facing you. Craft pumpkins are thin-shelled plastic
1. Prime flats with gesso to tighten the canvas. Paint the back of each flat with plain water and allow to dry. This will prevent dimpling. 2. Use dry brush and stippling techniques
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A life size palm tree can be made with cardboard as the tree trunk and green construction paper leaves individually cut out. Add markings for leaves with a dark green markers.
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