How to Grow Magic Mushrooms?


Growing magic mushrooms is illegal in most countries. The mushrooms while typically non-toxic and not habit forming, create a reaction when ingested that leads to hallucinations. This state of mind can be dangerous and is therefore illegal. Look here
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To prepare mushroom tea, the mushrooms are chopped or crushed while enough water is boiled so each person can have one cup. Ideally, five grams of mushrooms are appropriate for each
Recipe for Magic Mushroom tea: First, gather your fresh magic mushrooms.
You break them into pieces or chop the stems with a knife into chunks then put about a tablespoon of them into a coffee mug (Usually around 6 to 8 ounces) and cover with just below
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Below are steps to make magic mushroom tea; Cut or press mushrooms, Use one cup of water per individual and one cup of water per 5 grams, boil the water, pour ...
Magic mushrooms are mushrooms that grow in the wild and contain psilocybin. They can be eaten raw, brewed into tea or mixed in foods. A handful of these mushrooms ...
Magic mushrooms are most often eaten, either fresh or in dehydrated form. One can also make a tea from them. Some users have tried smoking them but the active ...
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