How to Make MOD Podge?


Mod podge is just water and glue. All you need to do is take equal parts water and glue and shake until combined.
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1. Wash your hands with soap and water to remove Mod Podge on your hands. Scrubbing your skin with soap and water will remove the adhesive from your skin. Mod Podge is easier to remove
1 Gather your supplies. Ad 2 Prepare your surface to be Mod Podged and if necessary, paint the surface using acrylic craft paint.
Mod Podge is a glue/sealant for crafting projects of all kinds! Rate us!
Mod Podge is an acid-free brand of glue produced by Plaid. Mod Podge is useful for collage and decoupage as it can be used both to glue something down and as a protective layer over
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Make your own mod podge by using white glue and water in equal parts. Brush this over the puzzle pieces or decoupage paper as you would mod podge and let it dry. ...
A homemade Mod Podge recipe is a copycat recipe for the Mod Podge product. The recipe calls for glue, water, and a jar. Once the ingredients are mixed together ...
Mod Podge crafts are manufactured by Plaid Industries and are used for paper crafts, especially decoupage. To care for a mod podge crafts, start by drying them ...
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