How do you make mountains out of paper?


To make mountains out of paper, you may recycle scrap papers. Crumple them and then glue them on top of a cardboard (12'x12' size). Then, add more crumpled paper and glue them on top of the first layer following the shape of a mountain. Lastly, paint the artwork to make it look realistic.
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1. You can reuse old printing paper for your paper mountain. Crumple up pieces of scrap paper. Some pieces can be smaller than others. Wrap masking tape around some of the wads of
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How to Make a Mountain Out of Paper
It can be difficult to make geography exciting and fun to learn, but this can be remedied by supplementing geographical studies with a hands-on craft project, such as making a crumpled paper mountain. Crumpled paper mountains can be created from wadded... More »
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