How to Make My Butt Jiggle?


To make your butt juggle you have to use your gluteus maximus muscles. Those are in your buttocks. Practice squeezing them in front of a mirror, then increase your speed to be able to do it sexy like. You need a pretty good sized back side though.
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To make you bottom jiggle, you would have to move your hips back and forth in a fast sort of motion. You could also move yourself up and down at the knees to accomplish this.
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Because of all the fat and muscle in butt.
They are mostly fat so it moves! Thanks for doing the ChaCha have a good one!
it's because your butt isnt toned lol. do squats, lunges, frog hops, and go jogging that really tones your legs. Source(s) a track runner :
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A phatty is a large, fat butt that jiggles when you walk. Thanks for asking ChaCha! ...
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