How to Make My Own Wrestling Mask?


To make a wrestling mask you will need leather, sewing kit, tape measure, Velcro and shoelace. First measure the circumference of your head. This is essential because you will want the mask as taut as possible so as to avoid discomfort while in the ring. Decide the main colours that you would like the mask to be. You can make a design with several colours, but try to keep the mask symmetrical in the design. Cut a piece of leather to the circumference of your head. Place that piece over the face to make spots for your nose, eyes and mouth. Utilize small pieces of leather to include designs to the mask, such as shapes over the eyes and mouth. Stitch the pieces on using a sewing kit with a string and needle. Knit this firmly so your mask does not come apart in the middle of a match.
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TNA Wrestling, founded by Jerry and Jeff Jarrett in 2002, is now mostly owned by Panda Energy International. Jeff Jarrett, who is also an on-air talent, retains a minority stake in
1. Measure the circumference of your head. This is important because you will want the mask as tight as possible so that it does not get in the way while you are competing in the
Some wear them just to hide there face but a lot of Mexican wrestlers wear them as a symbol of there country
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