How do you make Nickelodeon slime?


Homemade slime can be great fun to play with. Make it with just a few ingredients you can find in your kitchen. By adding food coloring, you can make it any color you like. Check out this link for an easy Slime recipe.
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1. Add a dish of Cream of Wheat/oatmeal and some green food coloring to a medium-sized bowl. Ad. 2. Add a heaping spoonful of Johnson's Baby Shampoo to the mix. Johnson's brand name
Green food coloring, corn starch and water. I was on the set of the old Figure it out in 1997 and they explained it.
Nick slime is a mixture of lime green gelatin powder, flour, oatmeal, and baby
Slime made with Borax is easy . if you do it right. All you need is borax, water, white glue and food coloring (optional) The key is the temperature of the water. I've found many
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You can make Nickelodeon slime at home with some common items. Warm one part of water, then add a few drops of your favorite food color. Slowly mix in two parts of cornstarch until it is properly slimy. Store your finished slime in a Ziplock bag.
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