How to Make Nickelodeon Slime?


Homemade slime can be great fun to play with. Make it with just a few ingredients you can find in your kitchen. By adding food coloring, you can make it any color you like. Check out this link for an easy Slime recipe.
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You can make Nickelodeon slime at home with some common items. Warm one part of water, then add a few drops of your favorite food color. Slowly mix in two parts of cornstarch until it is properly slimy. Store your finished slime in a Ziplock bag.
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1 Add a dish of Cream of Wheat/oatmeal and some green food coloring to a medium-sized bowl. Ad 2 Add a heaping spoonful of Johnson's Baby Shampoo to the mix. Johnson's brand name
10 Questions for Marc Summers GL: Going back to the days of Nickelodeon and Double Dare, can you divulge what that signature slime was made of? Was it edible? MS: Absolutely! The
Nick's Green Slime has been around since the show, You Can't Do That On Television.
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1. Put vanilla pudding and applesauce into a bowl. 2. Stir these ingredients together. 3. Add into this bowl, a dish of oatmeal and some green food coloring. 4 ...
You can make nickelodeon slime in your kitchen with just a few ingredients. All you really need is cornstarch, water and food coloring. You can also make slime ...
To make Nickelodeon green slime, you should first gather your ingredients. This includes jello, flour, baby shampoo, and food coloring. Water will also be necessary ...
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