How do you make Nickelodeon slime?


Nickelodeon's iconic green slime is simple to mimic with just a handful of ingredients from a grocery store. For some nostalgic fun, you need green Jell-O powder, flour, water, baby shampoo, green food coloring, a large mixing bowl and a whisk.

  1. Measure the ingredients

    In order to make 3 gallons of green slime, you need six packets of green Jell-O power, 1 gallon of water, 10 pounds of flour, a large bottle of baby shampoo and a large bottle of green food coloring. These quantities can be adjusted to make smaller or larger batches.

  2. Combine the ingredients

    Combine the Jell-O powder and half of the flour in a large bowl or electric mixer. Add about 1 gallon of water as you are mixing until all of the lumps are gone. Slowly add the remaining flour and water as you continue to mix. You may add more than 1 gallon of water to the mixture in order to achieve the consistency you prefer. Once this is reached, add about half of the baby shampoo and then slowly mix in the green food coloring until you reach a desired shade of green.

  3. Play with the slime

    Make the slime on the same day that when you plan to use it, because it does eventually dry out.

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