How do you make nitro fuel?


Nitro fuel is an extremely flammable liquid sometimes used race cars. To make them you will need the following ingredients, nitro methane, methanol, castor or synthetic oil, fuel approved gallon container, funnel. Use the funnel to pour the 92.48 oz methane into the gallon and the add 1.6 oz of Nitro methane. Add about 6.4 oz of oil to the mixture and shake.
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How to Make Nitro Fuel
Anyone can have the coolest and fastest radio-controlled car by making nitro fuel. However, bear in mind that it will not be easy at all. Nitro fuel gets its name from one of its three primary ingredients, nitromethane. The other two are oil and... More »
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Nitro fuel is a general term used to refer to fuels which are mostly used by helicopters, boats, motor vehicles and model airplanes. This is an easily combustible fuel which is used mainly by 2 or 4 stroke engines to provide power. This fuel is composed of three main elements which are methanol, oil and nitro methane.
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