How to Make Nitrogen?


Nitrogen is a element and can only be made by nature. However, the air in our atmosphere contains about 80% nitrogen. It can not be made or extracted from the air at home easily. However, if you have the facilities and equipment you can make liquid nitrogen by compressing air, causing the nitrogen to form a liquid and then siphoning it off. However, this is not a do it your self project. For more information look here:;
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Nitrogen is a non metallic chemical element found all over Earth in abundance. It is in the air we breathe and even found in some anesthetics, like nitrous oxide. You can find more
Nitrogen is a dry, inert gas. This means it doesn't carry moisture and dirt, which is a possibility with common compressed air. Nitrogen is also inflammable, so it doesn't pose a
Nitrogen is a gas. It cannot be broken down because it is a element. Daniel Rutherford discoverd nitrogen. At frist nitrogen is called free nitrogen but when it goes through nitrogen
Nitrogen was discovered in the late 17th century. Scottish physician and chemist Daniel Rutherford is credited with its discovery. But it was French chemist Jean Antoine Claude Chaptal
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Making nitrogen at home can be attained through cutting a bottle to look like a conical flask. Then make holes in the bottom and lower parts of the bottle. Pack ...
Chlamydomonas makes nitrate reductase from nitrogen from nitrogen. The microbe's growth is influenced by concentrations of nitrogen in the environment or growth ...
Nitrogen is a odorless, tasteless, and colorless nonmetallic chemical. The air around you consists about four-fifths of the volume of the atmosphere. You can ...
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