How to Make Noisemakers?


Decorate an empty can with your favorite decorations and fill it with sunflower seeds. Cover the hole with a piece of construction paper and enjoy!
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How to Make Noisemakers
Noisemakers aren't just for New Year's celebrations; you can use them year-round for other parties or to keep the kids busy. The easiest noisemakers to make are the rattle type. Even young children can get into the action and help make their own. Use... More »
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1. Cut the PVC pipe to a length of 45 to 62 inches using the hacksaw. 2. File the cut end of the pipe to remove the rough edges. 3. Fill a pot with water and heat it on a stove top
1 Get one of your gum wrappers and put 1 to 2 pennies in each side longways. Ad 2 Refold it as if to put a piece of gum back. 3
Because they smell like poo.
Blast Horn noisemaker is the most innovative and loudest sound-producing
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1. Poke a hole in the center of the bottom of the can with the flat head screwdriver. Place a craft stick in the hole and hot glue in place. An adult should do ...
Noisemake is a word that means to make noise which is the act of emitting noise or some form of sound. It is a way that sound that is irritating and uncoordinated ...
Noisemakers for football games are compact or loud sport toys or items used by the people watching a game. You can make soda bottle noisemaker for football game ...
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