How to Make Old Paper?


You can make paper look old by applying small amounts of lemon juice to the surface of the paper. Use a small brush to apply the juice, then set the paper out in the sun for a couple of hours! Wrinkle it up for an ancient effect.
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In an attempt to reduce the overload of paper in landfills there has been a huge push to educate people on how to recycle paper. According to the trash removal giant Waste Management's
1. Unplug the paper shredder from the wall. You don't want to hurt yourself in the process. 2. Oil the cutters. If your paper shredder does not easily slide the documents through,
1. Make sure you fulfilled the assignment. Reread the instructions for information about the purpose and writing style that your teacher expects. Check your paper's format, length
1. Layer the snowflakes into a wreath. Cut a transparency into an open circle to create a nearly invisible background. Use spray adhesive or double-stick tape to affix the snowflakes
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