How to Make Origami Animals for Free?


To make origami animals, you need to know how to fold paper creatively in a way that will resemble the animals. Tutorials on how to make origami animals are available on the origami-instructions website. All you need is a piece of origami paper about 15 cm by 15 cm.
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1. Take your origami paper and lay it white side up. Lay it down so it looks like a diamond. 2. Fold the top half of the paper down so that you have what looks like a triangle. 3.
Origami crafts are becoming increasingly popular. Animals are great beginner projects for an origami novice. Learn how to make an origami pig with a few simple folds and tricks. There
1. Cut a square piece of paper in half to create two smaller rectangles. Set both pieces in front of you and fold them at the same time to create exact copies of each other. 2. Fold
1. Begin with a square of paper, oriented with one point toward you. Fold a line connecting both points, and then open it again. Fold it in half length wise, and then in half again,
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