How to Make Origami Animals for Free?


To make origami animals, you need to know how to fold paper creatively in a way that will resemble the animals. Tutorials on how to make origami animals are available on the origami-instructions website. All you need is a piece of origami paper about 15 cm by 15 cm.
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1. Take your origami paper and lay it white side up. Lay it down so it looks like a diamond. 2. Fold the top half of the paper down so that you have what looks like a triangle. 3.
1. Log on to the Internet and bring up the anime virtual world site of choice. Log on to the site by creating an account and activiating it via the entered email. Download and install
1. Select the shape you want to make. The common shapes are elephants, swans, cats and roses. If you have guests coming over, fold a few face towels like roses and leave them on the
1. Fold the paper in half diagonally. Unfold. 2. Fold in half the opposite way. Unfold. 3. Fold in half to form a rectangle. Unfold. 4. Fold in half the opposite way to finish creating
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