How to Make Origami People?


The key to making good origami people is to create crisp clean lines. The paper must be prefolded and then arrange to make an origami person. For more information visit
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1. Fold the paper in half so the fold runs parallel to the long sides of the paper; then unfold. 2. Fold the upper right corner of the paper down to the center fold line, then repeat
1. Fold a square piece of origami paper in half and crease the fold. Open the paper and fold the top edge of the paper down to meet the crease. Fold the bottom edge of the paper up
1. Use a lightweight paper for making origami. Traditional origami paper is colored only on one side, but any paper of any color will do. Computer printer paper works fine. 2. Cut
1. Lay your square sheet on a hard, flat surface. Rotate your paper 45 degrees so that it's oriented as a diamond. 2. Fold your square in half, top to bottom, creating a triangle.
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Although some origami people can be created with a square sheet of paper and a few folds, the variety of designs can range from angels to ballerinas to matadors to everything in between. Start out simple and with practice soon you'll be creating amazing origami people. For more information look here: Large variety of origami people; Award winning origami people
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