How can I make paper boats for the kids?


First, take your paper, and fold it crosswise. Crease the fold properly, making a sharp fold. Fold it again, left to right, this time. Take the top corner of the paper, from the part where the first fold is. Fold the corner, bringing it in line with the crease in the middle. Take the layer at the top of the 1 inch space at the bottom, and fold it upward, aligning the fold with the bottom of the triangles you made in the previous step. Take about an inch off the tip of the triangle and fold downward. Crease this sharply and unfold it. Make the tip of the triangle at the bottom, while the wider portion is on top. The wider portion opens to a slit, and you should open this until you form a bowl-like shape with the triangle. Hold this open while you are pushing the apex of the triangle upward. This will then serve as the bottom of the boat, and you are ready to sail it.
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1. Fold the paper in half, top to bottom, and make a sharp crease. 2. Fold the paper again, this time left to right. Re-open only this fold. The paper should now be folded in half
To make a model boat you have to go and buy the box set for model boats. When you have the set just follow the instruction given at the time of purchase.
1. Determine how large you would like the base of the paper basket to be. You need to decide this ahead of time so you know how big the piece of paper needs to be. We will use a 3
Its hard for anyone to make money fast but, the easiet way for kids would be to go around there neighborhoods, door to door and asking if they can cut lawns, walk dogs, rake leaves,
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