How can I make paper briquettes?


To make paper briquettes you need to sort out the papers you wish to put into the briquette. Chop the material up and mix the material into soupy slurry in water. Squeeze the slurry inside a porous cylindrical mould. Dry the briquettes for a few days before use.
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1. Put on work gloves and a waterproof apron, then fill a 5-gallon bucket about half way up with water and add 1 tbsp. of liquid bleach. 2. Shred or tear the paper and submerge it
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How to Make Paper Briquettes
Burnable paper briquettes are easy to make with a paper briquette press and a wide variety of old paper including newspaper, magazines, junk mail, copy paper, cardboard and wrapping paper. Making recycled paper briquettes requires breaking the paper down... More »
Difficulty: Easy
To make paper briquettes, fill a bucket with shredded newspaper and soak it in warm water. Make sure it is covered fully. After an hour or two, place some shredded paper into the briquette-maker, making sure that every side is covered and the no air pockets exist. Press down firmly on the handle and pour out after a few minutes. Repeat the process until you have made enough briquettes.
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