How to Make Paper Ninja Weapons?


You can make some really cool ninja weapons from paper, especially if you choose the appropriate colors of paper. That is all it takes to make these paper ninja weapons, that and the folding! Check out this site for more step by step directions for the making of your ninja weapon:
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1. Acquire a piece of origami paper and fold it down the center vertical so that the fold is parallel with the longest sides of the piece of paper. Tear it in half on that fold to
1. Choose a weapon that you know how to use, or at least have a good idea of how it is used. Choosing a weapon that you don't know how to use based off of looks will probably backfire
I wish I knew i am trying to figure out the same question.
Ninja's use swords, guns, throwing star, Ninja Climbing Grappling Hook, Throwing
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If you would like to learn how to make paper ninja weapons, you should try out Origami, the ancient art of paper folding. Using Origami, you will create ninja weapons that will last. For more information see here: ;
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There are many types of weapons that can be depicted in origami paper folding art. These include guns, swords, knives, and ninja stars. Origami weapons are not ...
You need two pieces of paper. The basic idea is to to fold each piece into an elongated diamond. Then you lock the two pieces together to form the star. Here ...
Paper Kunai knives can be made using origami. This is a kind of multifunctional weapon. It could either be used instead of a throwing star or used as a dagger. ...
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