How to Make Parachute Cord Bracelets?


Depending on how exactly you want your parachute cord bracelet to look, there are numerous ways to create them. First, find some parachute cord from outdoor sports stores. Cut it into appropriate lengths and try different ways of tying it together.
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1. Fold the length of cord in two, holding the ends together, to locate the middle. 2. Lay out the doubled-up strand of cord on a flat surface. Have the recipient lay his wrist across
Making macramé bracelet patterns is a delightful pastime for anyone, but it is especially fun for young girls who can glean hours of quality time together creating friendship
I have found it at the local military supply / surplus store. They have all kinds of stuff like that including the whole apparatus. Pretty cool. You might find one in your phone book
The thickness of the upper chord ranges between 20 and 55 mm, and the lower chord
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Parachute cord was first developed for use by paratroopers during World War II, but has since expanded to a number of other general purpose applications such as ...
1. Cut a ten foot length of Paracord and fold it in half. 2. Slide the keyring onto the cord, one foot from the folded end, and fold the two loose ends down. Allow ...
To braid parachute cord, there are several fun methods depending on the type of pattern that you enjoy. You can begin by choosing the number of cords you would ...
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