How to Make Peace Signs on Facebook?


To make peace signs on Facebook you would need to type in a box on FlipmyText. You will add a parenthesis on the left side, then you will type the letter 'y' (without the quotes), followed by a parenthesis on the right side. Initially, it will look like this in the box (y). After you put (y) in the text box on FlipmyText you will click on the box that says 'flip upside down'. Doing this it will change (y) to (?), which makes the peace sign for Facebook.
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1. Click on the "Start" menu button, located in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Select "All Programs," then "Accessories," "System Tools
Just do this:() () () ()........i am not sure but
1 Get your materials. See "Things You'll Need" before you get started. Visit your local craft store for supplies needed. 2 Set up your painting area. For this craft, you'll
The code for the peace sign is
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How to Make a Peace Sign on Facebook
Inserting peace signs, smiley faces and other symbols into your Facebook messages, chat comments, wall posts and status updates is easy to do. The signs and symbols you can use originate from symbols and signs that were written into the HTML framework.... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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