How do you make peat pots?


You can save some money and make your own peat pots for your plants. To get started, you need some old newspapers. Tear the paper into strips, about one-inch wide.
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1. Choose two items for a mold for your pots based on the size of pot you need. Good items for the mold are plastic pots and discarded pot trays from a nursery. Select two plastic
Are you into gardening, growing your own food and flowers? Are you also into cutting back on waste and saving the environment? Do you like to save money whenever you can? If this
Pot roast is one of America's staples and a good grade of chuck roast should be used. It should be seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic, placed in a roast pan and allowed to cook
1. Wipe clay pots well to remove any manufacturing residue. 2. Turn the largest clay pot upside down on your work surface. Squeeze adhesive onto the "top" outer edge of
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How to Make Peat Pots
Many gardeners like to start seeds in seed trays, especially if the soil outside is still too cold for direct planting. The trouble with using just trays is that young plants can be traumatized when their patch of planting soil is removed from the trays... More »
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To care for potted Gerbera Daisies use a combination of peat moss and perlite. This will create a well-draiing soil. Place them in a location with a lot of light ...
Yes, you can use peat moss for potting plants. The peat moss works best for plants grown from seeds. Using too much of the moss can cause excess water storage ...
The Venus fly trap is a carnivorous plant that catches insects for nutrition. To grow one, you need a Venus fly trap bulb, a terrarium or pot and tray, peat moss ...
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