How to Make Pew Bows for Weddings?


The first step to making pew bows for weddings is to decide how long of a tail you want. From there, you'll need to pinch firmly with your index figure and your thumb about 8 inches down the tail. You then will need to make a small loop.
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Learning how to make pew bows for weddings is very easy. Making your own wedding party decorations is a great way to save money or to put more of your budget toward entertaining guests
1. Cut a 10-foot length of tulle from the 6-inch-high roll of tulle. 2. Fold the tulle in half, then fold that in half two more times. Wrap a foil-covered twist tie around the center
1 Take 3 yards (2.74 m) of any preferred ribbon and begin making loops by holding 1 end of the ribbon steady and folding the ribbon to create a loop. Hold the loop steady with the
It’s easy to dress up a church pew for a wedding or special occasion with a few simple ribbons and flowers. If you want to add your own special touch to the rows of pews or
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How Do I Make Pew Bows for Weddings?
Churches often have strict rules for how you're allowed to decorate the aisle for your wedding. Pew bows are a simple yet elegant way to decorate the aisle without using anything that could harm the pews, so they are often used for wedding decor. Make... More »
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