How do you make pink food coloring?


Making pink food coloring is fairly simple. If the food coloring is being used for icing or frosting, especially white frosting, you can simply add a lesser amount of red than normal. Two drops should be sufficient for most frosting batches. If you are making another kind of food, beet juice can be used in small amounts to dye foods pink. As an added bonus, beet juice is also healthy for you!
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You can make natural food coloring out of other foods. You can dye tortillas or chips green, with spinach, or dye flour bread products red with a tomato or chili powder dye.
If you are using the food colouring to make pink frosting; start with a basic white frosting and add a very small amount of red food colouring. Mix thoroughly and adjust for colour,
1. Squeeze 1 drop of red food coloring into a bowl. 2. Add 2 drops of yellow food coloring to the bowl. Stir with a toothpick to mix. 3. Add more yellow if you want a lighter orange
pink = red + white. Assuming whatever you're coloring is clear or white, just add a very small amount of red food coloring.
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How to Make Pink Food Coloring
If you're making a birthday cake for your little princess, you might need a lot of pink frosting. Or maybe your best friend is celebrating a birthday and you want to make dress a cake or cookies in hot pink frost. Whatever the occasion, there are several... More »
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