How is pixie dust made?


Pixie dust is made by combining a few easy-to-obtain ingredients, which include food dye, glitter, cornstarch and essential oil in a plastic bag for mixing. The ingredients are mixed together to form a light and fragrant dust that has several useful purposes.

Add the cornstarch to the bag first, and squeeze a few drops of food coloring in next. Mix these two ingredients first, and then add the glitter and the essential oil. Mix everything thoroughly by squeezing and mashing the bag.

This mixture can be stored in a jar for decoration, used in the hair, or applied to the face as makeup.

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How to Make Pixie Dust for Kids
Fairies are mythical creatures from European folklore who were well noted for their mischief and magical powers. Your young child may enjoy pretending to be a fairy, and what better way to add some magic then by making homemade fairy dust. This safe and... More »
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