How do you make pop-up animals?


Get a blank piece of cardstock. Draw a line, from left to right, to divide the paper in two. Draw a square centered on the top half of the line and another square centered on the bottom half of the line. Make sure that both squares are centered and even. Cut ONLY the vertical lines on the two squares and make it pop-out by folding along the lines. Next, draw any animal you want on another piece of paper. You could also cut out pictures of animals if you don’t like to draw. Paste your drawing on the pop-out square of the cardstock. For more on animal pop-ups, visit:
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1. Find a picture you like of an animal and cut it out using scissors. You can print one on the computer from the internet or a collection of clipart images. You can also use a picture
Some make up is made from pigment. Pigmented makeup is like colored eye shadow and lipstick. Some also contain animal skin such a fish scales.
1. Cut the card stock to the desired size. Typically, greeting cards are six by eight inches. Fold the piece of card stock in half vertically. 2. Draw a volcano on a piece of brown
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How to Make Animal Pop Up Cards
There is no need to purchase an animal pop up card when you can make one yourself. This paper craft is simple enough for children and beginning crafters to complete with ease. Animal pop up cards compliment any birthday gift for a child or animal... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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