How do I make my pores look smaller?


Steps to reducing the appearance of large skin pores include exfoliating, using the right makeup or seeking out professional dermatological treatments that unclog pores. Pore size is genetically determined, but there are ways to minimize the widening of the pores from accumulated debris.

When pores look extra-large, it is often because they are clogged with dirt, dead skin cells, makeup or sebum, a form of oil. Washing one's face often minimizes the appearance of pores. Washing at night and after workouts is especially important, since sweat and cosmetics both settle into pores and make them appear larger. An oil-free foaming cleanser with salicylic acid is a good choice for women with oily skin whose pores tend to clog the most. An exfoliating scrub or a treatment containing glycolic or lactic acid dislodges dirt from clogged pores and gets rid of dead skin cells.

Using primer and foundation with a matte finish hides enlarged pores. To keep makeup from clogging pores further, oil-free and non-comedogenic products are preferable.

Chemical peels, laser treatments, light therapy and microdermabrasion can all make a difference. Another option is Isolaz, a treatment in which dirt is vacuumed out of the pores, after which light therapy is used to kill the bacteria clogging the pores.

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Every one has pores on there face. The oil in your skin and the dirt that accumulates makes the pores bigger by blocking them. If you wash your face twice a day, and use a gentle
1. One of the easiest ways to minimize the appearance of pores is cover up using cosmetics. Liquid foundation and concealer can make large pores appear small instantly when applied
I`ve tried also all sorts of facial masks and toners – they can help you, but not permanently. When you clean your pores, they seem smaller and closed, but when full of oil
1. Always use an oil-free cleanser and rinse with cold water. An oil-free cleanser will wash away dirt, oil, and makeup without robbing your skin of essential moisture. Cold water
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