How to Make Pores Look Smaller?


To make pores look smaller clean your face with warm water daily. You can also try using pore-minimizing scrubs or cleansers or use oil-absorbing make up. Minimising your exposure to the sun will also make the pores appear smaller.
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1. One of the easiest ways to minimize the appearance of pores is cover up using cosmetics. Liquid foundation and concealer can make large pores appear small instantly when applied
I`ve tried also all sorts of facial masks and toners – they can help you, but not permanently. When you clean your pores, they seem smaller and closed, but when full of oil
Unfortunately, there is no magic wand which can shrink these pores, try
first get some water as hot as possible in your sink, put your face over the steam, this will make the pores bigger temporarily so you can then use an exfoliator, you want your pores
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