How to Make Poured Beeswax Candles?


Poured bee wax candles are made out of bee wax. The bee wax is melted and reshaped to form moulds to create the candles. To make poured bee wax candles you will need bee wax, a melting pot, candle mould and a candle wick. Start by melting the bee wax in the metaling pot. Set up the candle mould and place the wick at the bottom. You can add colour or scent to the wax before pouring it into the mould. Let the wax cool to harden.
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1. Melt your beeswax in a metal pot. Many candle makers use a pouring pot that is specifically made for melting wax, but an old pot that won't be used for cooking again can also be
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The Cheeky Bee Candle Company, in Warkworth Ontario makes their candles out of 100% Natural Beeswax. The have 56 different candles in 6 different traditional styles with vared sizes
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How to Make Poured Beeswax Candles
Poured beeswax candles are made from melted beeswax that is reshaped in a mold to create the candle instead of using pre-formed beeswax sheets. The completed candles look like paraffin candles, but they burn cleaner. Poured beeswax candles burn slower... More »
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You can make poured beeswax candles by disolving the beeswax in a metal pot.Place a candle mold for your beeswax. Put a wick at the bottom of the candle mold. Add scent into the wax once it has melted so that it can look attractive. Filter the beeswax into the mold slowly to avoid air bubbles from developing in the liquid beeswax. Leave the beeswax cool and harden. Slide the poured beeswax candle out of the candle mold.
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