How to Make Rakia?


Rakia is a traditional Bulgarian drink almost similay to Whiskey and composed of distilled fruits or wines in a metal pot. With a small fire underneath the pot, the first thing created is poisonous and should be thrown away. When using 100 liters of fruits or wines, 1/2 liter of this substance should be removed. The fire underneath shouldn't be too big otherwise it'll burn the mixture.
Q&A Related to "How to Make Rakia"
I think it is a very high alchohol content Romanian liquor. Like schlibovitz... hope I spelled it
Rakaia is the Maori name meaning 'to arrange in ranks'
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in my opinion Skrapari is number one for making raki possibly because i am not familiar with Permeti raki.i am neighbour to Skrapari and there is loads of them in my town so i will
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