How do you make roof trusses?


Roof trusses are frames made up of timber that is nailed, bolted or pegged together to form structurally interdependent shapes of great strength. Cut your timbers to size according to the span of the roof. Use galvanized steel connector plates to secure the timber together and add a brace that dissects the centre of the triangle. Secure the trusses to the framing and then attach the trusses to the frame every 2 feet and secure them with 3-inch deck screws.
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1. Gather together your rafters, collar ties, vertical members, and fascia board. An overhang of 3 ft. at the gable end may require conventional headers and cripples. Find a large
1 Look for any "deletions" or "exclusions" in your roof truss quote. Most quotes do not include temporary or permanent bracing, as well as, engineering to install
You toe nail them to the top plate. Nail through the truss at an angle from each side. In areas of high wind code requires a metal cleat be used to tie the structure together.
Trusses are responsible for supporting the weight of your roof while making your walls a bit more stable in the process. This is the reason why a well-made truss is an integral part
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How to Make Roof Trusses
Generally speaking, roof trusses are structurally engineered and manufactured by a licensed truss company, sent to you with a stamped copy of plans. However, if you wish to make roof trusses yourself, providing the trusses are non-structural, follow some... More »
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