How to Make Rope Traps?


There are many ways to make rope traps. One can make a snare with a rope. This would trap an animal until the trapper comes along to gather it or free it.
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1. Tie a small loop in the end of your rope. You should have a loop that is about 1 inch in diameter. Leave the other end of the rope loose. 2. Feed the loose end of your rope through
you get a thin peace of rope and tie it to the end of your door in your bedroom and then tie the other end of your rope to something at least a meter away and then you can open and
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Rope 1: Clove Hitch at Branch, wrap around peg, Slip Knot. Rope 2:
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To make rope traps just like you see in movies and on television you will need about five feet of rope or if in a bind you can use your shoelaces. You can find more information at
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