How do you make dip using Rotel tomatoes?


To make Rotel dips you will need a block of Velveeta and a can of Rotel. Slice the Velveeta in chunks and place in a pot or a crock-pot and pour in the Rotel. Heat until the cheese has melted and is creamy in texture.
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1. Pre-heat your stove top at medium heat. Cook your 1 pound of ground beef and drain of the excess grease. *Optional* Slice onion (about half or the whole onion if you choose) and
Cook 1lb pasteurized process cheese (Velveeta) and 1 can diced Rotel tomatoes with
ROTEL DIP ingredients: 1 large block of Velveeta cheese, 2 cans original Rotel diced tomatoes, 1 log Owens spicy ground sausage. PREPARATION: First
Get a glass or metal bowl that will set on top of a pot that you have, put about 1 inch of water in the pot over medium high heat, put the bowel on top with the cheese and Rotel in
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All you need is a can of rotel and a big block of velveeta cheese. Cut up cheese into chunks and add the rotel, cook on low heat till melted.
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