How to Make Round Knitting Looms?


Buying one is a lot easier, cheaper and less time consuming. If you must make one, use a round wooden frame for cross stitching and add pieces of dowel rod around it.
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1. Decide your gauge. The distance between the pegs of a knitting loom, from the center of the top of one peg to the center of the top of the next, determines the gauge of the loom.
1 Tie a slipknot . Ad 2 Slide the slipknot into your outside peg. 3 Wrap the long end in a clock-wise circle on the peg to the right of the one on the side like in the picture.
Practically, a loom is used for weaving. Knitting is accomplished on a knitting machine or completed by hand using knitting needles.
1. With needles and yarn, cast on 13 stitches. 2. Knit 86 rows in the pattern of your choice. You can use garter stitch, knitting every row, stockinette stitch, alternating rows of
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How to Make a Round Knitting Loom
Loom knitting is a way to create a knitted fabric without needles. It's a boon to those who find knitting with needles difficult, and to those who have problems with the hands (such as arthritis) who can no longer use knitting needles. Looms come in many... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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