How to Make Round Paper Lanterns?


Using Paper Mache or construction paper is ideal for making your own hanging lanterns. Folding the paper in half, start by cutting strips into the paper from the folded side up, leave about an inch space at the top for gluing. Open folds and glue the two open ends to make lantern shape.
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1. Fold each piece of construction paper in half lengthwise to create a narrow rectangle. 2. Draw a faint pencil line as a guide 1 inch from the unfolded edge all the way across using
1 Purchase large, colorful paper lanterns. Many craft stores carry them, but also home stores stock large Japanese paper lanterns. Although almost always offered in white, look for
Making a lantern can be super simple! All that you need is a candle and a coffee can and some wire. Punch a hole slightly smaller than the girth of the candle in the bottom of the
Paper bags are most commonly constructed from a kraft type paper. You can purchase this at most craft stores and you can use wrapping paper, the heavyweight type. For more information
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How to Make Round Paper Lanterns
Paper lanterns make wonderful party decorations. You can make your own round paper lanterns using a paper mache technique. Instead of using old newspapers, you use rice paper in a single layer to form the lantern. Unlike traditional paper mache that is... More »
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