How to Make Salt Peter?


With some cow urine and manure you can make salt peter. Saltpeter takes some time. But if you can be patient then you will have what you need. For more information look here:;
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Salt Peter is actually called potassium nitrate. It is a mix of potassium, nitrogen, and oxygen. It is commonly use for different kinds of slow fuses like matches. You can find more
A good substitute for Salt Peter would be wood stump remover, 70% potassium nitrate(aka. salt P) Burns same rate as 100% so dont worry.Prophecy.
Saint Peter was a leader of the early Christianity, who is featured prominently in the New
Nickname for Potassium nitrate. It's usually used in gunpowder and fertilizer. But back then they used it as a food preserver. I heard some rumors that it helps control your urges
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Salt petrel also known as nitre is a potassium mineral classified with the carbonates. It is used as a fertilizer and is one of the three ingredients in gunpowder ...
Saltpeter, also known as sodium nitrate, is sold at most stores including Wal-Mart, Lowes and Home Depot. You can also order it online as well from many sites. ...
Charcoal, salt peter, sulfur- Check the percentages of each 20-70-10% respectively. ...
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