How to Make Scented Candles from Scratch?


To make scented candles from scratch you need soy wax, wicks, candle dye, and measuring cups. You can also use fragrance oil to add scents to the candles. You can choose to make pillar candles or container candles.
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Making your own scented candles is a rewarding hobby or business venture. Candles can be made out of paraffin, soy or beeswax and can be scented using essential oils. It can be tricky
Making soap from scratch can be of interest to people for several reasons. If you have allergies sometimes using this soap is your only option. If you would like to know how to make
Go to craft stores and purchase wax, scents, coloring, mould. Melt wax, add the scents colorings, stir. Pour into mould and let to cool.
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