How to Make Scented Candles from Scratch?


To make scented candles from scratch you need soy wax, wicks, candle dye, and measuring cups. You can also use fragrance oil to add scents to the candles. You can choose to make pillar candles or container candles.
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1. Choose the mold for your candle. Molds can be purchased at arts and crafts stores, or you can use common household items like empty bowls, yogurt containers, cups or milk cartons
Go to craft stores and purchase wax, scents, coloring, mould. Melt wax, add the scents colorings, stir. Pour into mould and let to cool.
1. Prepare your fruit. To prepare the apples, peel them and cut them in half or quarters. Remove the core and then slice the apples into thin slices. You'll need around seven or eight
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