How to Make Scented Candles from Scratch?


To make scented candles from scratch you need soy wax, wicks, candle dye, and measuring cups. You can also use fragrance oil to add scents to the candles. You can choose to make pillar candles or container candles.
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1. Pour 32 ounces of soy wax into a microwave safe measuring cup and heat in microwave for 4 minutes. Add soy wax to the measuring cup until it reaches the top and heat the wax again
Go to craft stores and purchase wax, scents, coloring, mould. Melt wax, add the scents colorings, stir. Pour into mould and let to cool.
1. Measure your votive cups. Standard-sized votive cups are about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. 2. Stand the shadow box on a flat surface. Measure the side resting on the surface and
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