How to Make Semtex?


When making semtex, one will need the RDX and PETN chemicals. The process of making this explosive is then obtained from a military website. It can then be used for commercial blasting and demolition as well as in military applications.
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It is a moldable ( maleable ) plastic explosive. it is just like c4, and is made of PETN and RDX. there are a few types of semtex- semtex H, Semtex A, and another type of semtex is
Semtex (Noun) - A highly malleable plastic explosive; A pliable pla...
Semtex is a pliable plastic explosive originally produced in the Czech Republic.
(sĕm'tĕks') n. A highly malleable plastic explosive. [Semt(ín), village in the Czech Republic where the explosive is manufactured + EnglishEX(PLOSIVE) .]
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Semtex is a general plastic explosive .It is very pliable and odourless and contains RDX and PETNS. It is used in certain military applications, commercial blasting ...
From my experience, you get to add to your stuck semtex total for sticking it to a guy in the game. As far as any experience points, having the game winning kill ...
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