How to Make Silicone Bracelets at Home?


You will need blank bracelets, the color of your choice and a screen printing machine. Before printing on the blank bracelets, decide what words you want on your bracelet and see if the words or phrases can fit on it. Run your screen printing machine and wait for it to finish and you are done.
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How to Make Silicone Bracelets at Home
Silicone bracelets are a hot trend. Different types of people and organizations all over the world are creating these bracelets to represent themselves. Although you can order these bracelets, you can also make them at home if you have the right... More »
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1. Order your bracelets. Although you can print the word or saying that you want on your bracelet, it will be easier for you if you first buy blank bracelets to work with. Choose
Silicone bracelets are made out of 100% silicone and can be made in any color. The color is mixed with the silicone and then molded. The mold can be made with a text or logo if you
I think you can make silicon bracelets fairly easily and inexpensively on your own. A good pattern supply company like Stevenson Pattern can supply you with what yo need. They can
1 Have, or buy, some "Embroidery Floss" or " craft thread' Ad 2 Make at least 5 pre-made bracelets. Make sure to use different techniques.
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Plastic bracelets are bracelets made from silicone, plastic bags or bottles, or rubber. These bracelets are available for purchase through a variety of sources ...
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