How to Make Silk Flower Bouquets?


To make your own silk flower bouquet you can either go to a craft store or a specialty flower shop that sells silk flowers. Then, chose the silk flowers needed and tie them together for the bouquet.
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1. Go shopping for your flowers. At the store, hold a selection of flowers in your hands, as if it's a bouquet, to see what looks right for you. Buy one or two stems extra for each
Basically you have to balance the colors and the sizes of the silk flowers but arrangement usually will depend on what occasion you are using it for (ex. white silk flower arrangements
1. Take the flowers and cut their thorns or yellow leaves on them. Ad. 2. Pile them in your hand and put the foil and tape it with the flowers. 3. Take the ribbon and attach it to
You can make a candy bouquet from wrapped candies that you've glued to florist picks. Secure them into a vase with floral foam at the bottom, then give to the one you love.
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How to Make Silk Flower Bouquets
When making silk flower bouquets, you'll need to cut the flowers apart because they usually come in bunches. Find out how to make silk flower bouquets with tips from a flower shop owner in this free video on floral arrangements.... More »
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